To the Ends of the Earth: A Homestuck Story (chapter 5 chapter 3)

Xavier Montague opened his eyes. He felt something cling to his body, a garment made of soft purple plush cloth that clung, but felt loose. The icon of a moon lay on it. 

He scrambled off a bed with gears and music notes on it’s sheets and gazed out the window.  

Dark purple towers pierced the sky, looking to almost rend it in twain. The ground below looked almost choking as if it was filled with an oppressive air that couldn’t be saved. This was Derse. It had to be. In the other timeline the queen was dead, was she still dead here? His feet floated lightly off the ground and he smiled, “Cool.” 

He grabbed the two windowsills and launched himself out of the tower. Outside he could see another tower almost identical to his. He quickly corrected course and bounced off another tower to send himself back towards the other one. His feet slammed against the wall and he retained his balance. He saw an open window like his and peeked inside. 

The room was empty but filled with life itself. All different kinds of Flora adorned the walls itself. The sheets of the bed was littered with hearts and puzzle pieces.

The bed lay empty, the bed looked untouched as well, almost as if whoever had been sleeping on it had been away for a very long time. He thought back to the moments in the castle before the explosion happened. Allison and Gabriella had been wearing the same style of clothing he had but in yellow. He had been in purple. And he was now. Was Charity sleeping here? Or not? If this was Charity’s bed he got the feeling that they hadn’t slept on it for a very long time. He looked back outside and a small crowd had gathered beneath him. He started running down the side of the strange Victorian gothic building and then loosened up his center of gravity and started sliding down the side of the building as if it were a railing. 

He fast approached the ground and he felt his center of gravity shift again and he slowed to a stop. He did have a cool power. Gravity manipulation. Cool. 

He came down to the ground with a bit of a dramatic slam and the citizens around him jumped.

They stared at him with black ant like skin and white eyes and said nothing as if sizing him up to try and figure out what he was. 


One of the citizens jumped back, “Oh sir prince! A thousand apologies, I was not sure it was you until you spoke. Please come this way the remaining diplomats have much to discuss with you.” 


The citizen had taken his hand and started dragging him away, “Yes yes. Diplomats, with the Queen’s unfortunate demise at the princess of hearts hands our modest little moon here has erupted into chaos, and turmoil now grace’s our fine open streets. Mobs run wild, and thievery and lawlessness rules the land, won’t you please come to our aid?” 

Xavier pulled his hand back and froze, “Hold up, you said princess of Heart? Is that Charity? Where is she?

The citizen kept reaching for his hand, the other gatherers behind him followed at a suspicious distance. Too far enough that he could reach, but 

close enough that they could jump at him if they wished. Xavier was a tad paranoid. These poor citizens wouldn’t do him harm would they? 

Xavier reached for his crowbar, he didn’t have it. 

The citizen grew more anxious, “Please dear prince we have need of your assistance! The very fate of Derse lays heavy on your shoulders.” 

He eyed the citizen suspiciously. Something didn’t seem right. Xavier let the citizen grab his hand and then shifted his center of gravity so that it was directly opposite to the ground. He gripped the citizens hands tight and he saw him reach for a knife. Once they had gotten high enough Xavier let go of the citizen and shifted his gravity to the side of a building, the citizen kept going. 

“Oh. Cool.” His mouth turned up to a grin. 

The thugs around him were all wielding knives now and looking rather nervous.

He stared down at them and reached his hand out and a knife dropped into his hand. 

He shifted his center of gravity downwards and let go of the knife and then quickly slammed into the wall again. The knife kept going and slammed into one of the things heads. 

“Hey uh, you think we should run?” One of the things said. 

Xavier answered before the other could, “Do you want to die?”

The remaining thugs ran off in the distance. He heard the screams of the citizen he launched into space get quieter as they floated out past earshot.


Xavier looked around at the now silent alleyway, he just realized he didn’t know where he was. 

Hey doofus, need a guide?

Xavier squinted, was that Charity’s voice he heard? 

Of course dummy.

Okay, this was a dream. He had cool gravity powers and now charity was here. It was a dream. It was a dream. It was a dre-

yeah I guess so but if you die here you do actually die. 

Focus. Don’t focus on the voice. 

Listen dude, I’m supposed to be your fancy spirit guide thing, IDK. all I know is that you have a natural inclination towards my commands or something. Like watch this. 

Xavier felt the desire to do the chicken dance. He resisted. 


“This isn’t happening” 

Oh it’s happening. U, me, and this human emotion we call friendship.

“Friendship isn’t an emotion, idiot.” Xavier said knowing just how dumb he was and how friendship WAS an emotion.

Xavier stayed silent, if he didn’t do anything he couldn’t hear anything. If he didn’t say anything she couldn’t speak.

That’s not how this works. By the way, you’re in the mafia district, if you keep walking down this alley you’ll die. You probably should try and get a higher vantage point so you can see better.

Xavier didn’t want to listen to the voice, he tried so hard but it wouldn’t stop. He shifted his center of gravity to the wall and then slightly up so he could slide down the side of the building. He slowed his descent by evening it out and gripping the top of the tower. He climbed up top and returned his gravity to normal. 

Across the tops of the towers it all looked the same to him. Victorian gothic with a splash of purple. 

Yeah listen not much work went into how this place looks but we can’t change what’s canon to the game. 

“So where are we?” He said bluntly.

Come OOOOOOOON can’t u have like a lil banter for me?

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know this was the council of snark, let me take your order. Are you wanting that with extra asshole, or plain” 


“How are you even doing that?”

I’m on my phone dude.

“That doesn’t even make sense.” He said looking out across the open expanse of the city. 

Xavier slapped his hand against his face. 

fiiiiiiine. You’re no fun. So you’re in the mafia district again, there’s no royal district on Derse but prospit has one. This place is super seedy and filled with literally the worst people. We’re supposed to be evil and dark and brooding and stuff but that’s no fun so just be you. 

Xavier nodded, “okay so where am I supposed to go?” 

Well derse is big, there’s a lot to it, or you could just fuck off to the battlefield and have fun there. There’s a lot to explore. You went there when you did your time jump thingy. 

How did she know about that? She was gone in that timeline and he didn’t think he’d talk to her recently. 

Listen, I gained some power a while back because of who I am as a person and also shenanigans. I can theoretically know all that’s happened in canon to this story. 

“How did you-all you know what? I don’t actually want to know.” He took a deep breath and then let it out, “So since you know everything, what am I supposed to do next?” 

It doesn’t work that way. Everything that’s *happenned* not happening or will happen

“So my destiny is mine to control?”

Yeah. Basically.

Xavier nodded. Seemed legit. It was a lot better than the idea that everything he did could be manipulated and twisted by Charity. He knew her better than Gabriella, but most of her was still a mystery to him. She was Allison’s best friend more than anything. She was just a huge fan of his music and loved hearing what he was working on. It was nice. 

U got any beats 😉

He sighed and fucked off to the battlefield.


It’s been a while since we’ve written. Do you remember where we were?

Uhhhhhhhhh no.

Yeah where’d u two go?

We have lives you know. Our entire existence isn’t dedicated to writing this story 

But I’m booooooored.

I’m going to go read the last chapter again. Why don’t you two follow some minor character or something

Oh please don’t leave me alone with her. 


>Be a minor Character or something


Richter Spitelli felt weird. As if the focus of a magnifying glass had suddenly been shifted onto him. He adjusted his collar nervously as sweat dripped down his white carapacian face. Sweat continued to pour down his body. He felt like he had to do something plot important. Something that would cause massive changes in the entire story. 

He didn’t like the pressure. 


Allison continued to drag him away towards the diplomats meeting. She was talking about a diplomat meeting. He didn’t like it. He couldn’t pay attention because of all the pressure. Sweat continued to-


Okay this is gross

You brought us here.

I didn’t know he’d be a coward who couldn’t understand the pressure.

Well that’s what you get when you don’t know how to conduct a narrative.

Conductor. Haha. I get it. 

You’re not laughing 

Sarcasm dummy.

Why don’t you try again?

Be that guy who’s now floating off into space because of Xavier.


The black carapacian was panicking. This had not been a good idea. He should have thought twice before attempting to mug the prince. He didn’t expect the gravity powers. And now he was paying for it. 

His velocity wasn’t changing as he floated away from Derse. A constant 9.87 meters per second. Though he was pretty sure it was just an even 10 at this point. 

This was his fate now. 

Nothing interesting happening here. nosiree. 

Ugh this narrative thing is hard.


Every single minor Character is boring and doesn’t actually do anything important.


I want to do something important! Something that moves the plot forward.



You forgot the asterisks

That doesn’t matter does it. 

The black carapacian sat wide eyed, the voices in his head argued. They were quiet for a moment. 

Oh shit. 

The drifting carapacian felt angry. Here he was out in the middle of nowhere while people argued in his ohead and he was trapped useless. 

Man I’m sorry dude. Uhhhh I guess I could give you a name. How about Angus.

Angus thought over the voices offer. He liked the sound of Angus. It sounds like the name of a main character.

Oh let’s not get too hasty. You don’t have a last name so you’re a Minor Character 

Angus Minorcharacter grinned at the voice. He was going to assert his destiny one way or another. 

Oh for fucks sake. 

Angus Minorcharacter continued to drift through paradox space.he was rotating slightly so he could really only see Derse every couple seconds. As he drifted one way Derse began to get smaller and smaller. And something else began to get bigger and bigger. He squinted, it was dark and purple. With a writhing mass of tentacles swirling about. 

Wait wha-



Sorry. What’s happening?

Well our dear Angus Minorcharacter is about to meet the denizens of the furthest ring. 

The horrorterrors. 

What are horrorterrors?

They are horrors. And also terrors.



Angus Minorcharacter stared in terror at the beasts magnificent form. They undulated and writhed before Angus and they spoke in a language that he could understand only in the basest form. 

They spoke and he listened. A quest. An idea. Angus Minorcharacter agreed. A tentacle twisted out before him and revealed a ring with two black and two white orbs. A relic from a dead timeline. An object of such power, once stolen by a thief and then flung into the furthest ring when everyone around him was dead. Angus Minorcharacter understood and took the ring and put it on. 


Alright I’m done reading back up and I think I can- what the actual fuck????

Charity made a literal nobody into a main Character.

Hey wait, wouldn’t this have always happened? 

Not if you hadn’t paid attention to it.

That doesn’t make sense

Well congrats charity. You’ve created another threat for your party to deal with. Why don’t we see how things play out. 


Almost instantly a burst of light radiated from Angus Minorcharacter and begun to transform him. Flowing red and white robes adorned his body and his bones cracked as his bones readjusted his entire body to match his now Stout and square frame. He felt white makeup adorn his face as wings sprouted out from his back, tearing the nice suit he was wearing. Scales rippled across his body and his suit changed from a soft silk to a suit of armor that adorned almost half of his body. He felt fire lick his tongue as he coughed out red hot flames. 

Just as he thought it was over he felt his tailbone extend and it jutted out creating a red scales tail.


Hey this is uhhhh a little detailed.

Shh, let her have this. 


He felt his bones crack into their proper places as the scales then rippled outwards down his body. Where tiny scrawny arms had been before, now laid muscle. Where weak pitch black flesh had lain, now lay powerful scale armor. Angus Minorcharacter felt good. Angus Minorcharacter felt powerful. Angus Minorcharacter felt anger towards the one who sent him to this fate. 

And Angus Minorcharacter was going to fix that. 


Not my best work, but you gotta save the description big guns for the most important transformations

Wait why are we leaving him? 

Well that’s how fiction works. You say something happens, whisper an ominous line and then end the chapter or switch to a different perspective.

That’s dumb.

That’s writing.


Allison and Gabriella sat at a stark yellow table. Across from them sat a draconian dignitary dressed in all black he was smoking a cigarette. Gabriella was glaring at him. 

They had just filed into the room seconds ago. Richter Spitelli had removed himself from the meeting, too much pressure of being a main character he had said. Allison didn’t know what he meant. A tiny, adorable man sat next to the draconian dignitary. He had a smile on his face and a very nice clown hat. 

The four of them sat in silence. Gabriella looked nervous. If the draconian dignitary was feeling anything, he didn’t show it. Allison had a smug look on her face. 

“I’m happy to say that your sanguine sword looks much better on the pavement then trying to stab my royalty. Tell me, what sparked you to send assassins the same day that peace talks were happenning?” Allison leaned forward and stared at the dignitary but if he appeared shocked, he didn’t show it. 

He took a drag from his cigarette and blew the smoke in her face, “That’s war darlin, you do what you can to survive. Don’t think your queen was innocent in these crimes as well. Speak of the bitch, where is she?” 

Allison leaned back and twirled a lock of hair, “Dead. Same as yours. You have anything to do with that?” 

He shook his head and put out his cigarette, “Ours is dead too, shame someone took em off the board this early. I do love to watch them fight what with their crowns and tentacles.” 

He had dodged the question. The peace talks weren’t even five minutes in and they were already in Derse’s favor.” 

“Well I can assure you that we had nothing to do with it. Our queen was dead from the moment we had woken up.” 

He nodded, “And you would have been too if the sanguine sword had done his job. Listen, I don’t know if you intend to catch me in some like or some sort of trap that you can go ‘aha’ to. This is war honey. We are currently at war. We’re here in this room to make us both look good and help the people feel like we’re trying to do something to actually fix the problem instead of fighting towards the inevitable end we both know is gonna happen. Derse will win and you will lose. And the moment that happens I’m going to subjugate the entirety of this moon and fling them into the furthest ring to be devoured by the beasts that lurk there. Starting with your pretty little frame right there. “ 

Allison and Gabriella shared a look. This was not going well. 

Gabriella turned away and looked at the dignitary.


He looked puzzled, “excuse me?” 

She continued, “Why are you so dead set on subjugating this moon and murdering us all?” 

He chuckled and put out his cigarette despite not having lit another. Allison was amazed. 

“Listen, you… prospit rags up here are right next to Skaia, you have it’s light and you have order. You’re all so happy. You’re all so cheery at ‘skaia’s light’ you think it’ll solve anything. But what we have at Derse is horrorterrors,” 

“What’s that?” Allison asked.

“They are terrors. That are also horrors.they are terrifying and they whisper into the ears of its people and it corrupts them.twists them to their dark desires. Mobs form and the city isn’t safe. But we like it that way and your light disgusts us “

Allison raised an eyebrow, “so why do you hate prospit then?” 

“Didn’t I just say it? You’re bright and cheery.” 

Allison nodded, “Okay but why does that anger you? You said you liked Derse your way.”

The dignitary grew silent. The man with the cute hat did a little jig.

“You’re different.” 

“You hate us because we’re different?” 

“No you. You’re different. You used to be one of us. Didn’t you.” 

Allison stared quizzically, “I’m not sure what you mean” 

He shook his head, “I’ve seen your mug before. Sleeping. On Derse. Did you switch jammies or something?” 

Allison shrugged, “I honestly don’t know what you mean.” 

The dignitary slammed his hand against his face, “I’m gonna figure this out. We need to meet again. Through another ‘peace’ meeting. I’ll be back. Here sign this damn treaty so we can look good.” He tossed a scroll of paper over to Allison. 

She pulled it over and was about to sign when she saw a single line in the text, “if I sign this I’m legally. Saying that Derse is better than prospit and that you will eventually rule us” 

The dignitary chuckled, “Aw, you’re one of those smart folks. See this is why you’re a Derse princess. I’m gonna figure this out. Here sign this one, it’s just gibberish.” He tossed another one that just had a bunch of scribbles. 

Allison shook her head, “I’m not signing anything. Just walk out holding hands with me. And smile?” 

He rolled his eyes, “sure.” 


The four of them walked out of the silent conference hall to a loud raucous crowd. 

The four of them waved at the crowd and smiled. Cameras went off and reporters plunged microphones into their faces. Allison felt a little overwhelmed and nervous. She felt her breathing rise as the noise entered into her head. She took a deep breath and let it out. She felt Gabriella’s hand on her back and she smiled, “the peace talks are going well! Trust us that we can do this.”

The draconian dignitary nodded and waved towards the crowd, “Everything she just said is true! No need to look into it.” 

The little man continued to dance.


Interesting. The plot thickens. 

Charity you wouldn’t have anything to do with that wouldn’t you?

Let’s be someone else and not focus in charity.

>Charity: don’t focus on charity and be Charity.