To the Ends of the Earth: A homestuck story (Chapter 5: part 1)

A small girl with black zig zag horns stood at the top of a house with a horrific looking dragon facing off against her. She glanced around, confused as to how she got here. Allison gazed down at her red hands and felt the horns on her head. Her confusion was cut short as flames licked her body straight from the dragon’s maw. She held her hands to defend herself but the flames hardly even scratched her. She put her hands down and started to put something together. 

Was this… ? It was! Allison grinned from ear to ear and darted towards the dragon, her hands lighting up with a white fire that did not harm her, but still burned with a fabulous heat. The dragon swiped at her and a great cut appeared on her skin. She skidded backwards and shot the two fiery blasts. She wasn’t sure how she got into the body of Madelin Wyles, a tiefling warlock that she had made two years ago, but she wasn’t about to complain. She fired off a purple bolt of energy, a spell called witch bolt and held concentration as she kept her distance. She knew Madelin’s health pool was small but wasn’t sure how linked it was to her own, better safe than sorry. 


Still though, occupying the body of one wasn’t something her summoners dice could do. Unless it was and she didn’t know? She had only rolled it twice thus far. 

Her distracted thoughts  led her to lose her balance and her concentration on the spell ended as the dragon swiped at her. she tumbled down off the top of her house and saw the dragon leap up in the air, throwing gusts of wind as it flapped its wings to follow after her.. Almost instinctively, wings of fire burst from her body and caught her before she plummeted to her death on the rocky ground. 


From somewhere she felt her phone buzz but she didn’t have time to check it at the moment. She flapped her fiery wings and clung to the side of her house as she saw the dragon swoop down and slam into the ground. It scanned the area, trying to find her. Allison leapt off the building and started channeling mid air. As the dragon looked up, inky black tentacles wrapped around its wings, binding it to the ground. A sheen of ice and acid spilled against the might dragon’s scales, leaving flecks of ice around its wings and burning off some of the scales with acid. She pulled out a small handaxe and slammed it into the dragon’s head as she landed on it. The creature roared in pain and tried to pull itself out of the grips of the tentacles. The cold creeped up further on the dragon’s scales covering more of it in ice. 


Allison jammed the axe in deeper and then used her little weight to fall off the head of the dragon. Their eyes connected and she saw flames billowing out of its mouth again. She winked and fire shot out as she fell just beneath its mouth. The dragon looked down at the target before it. She was small and frail but the only thing the dragon had was fire. And claws. It used the latter. 


The little weight she had skidded across the ground and she tried to pick herself up off the ground, but she collapsed. 

The dragon broke out of the tentacles that had held it prison and stepped closer to her limp body and flames billowed out of its mouth once more. She reached a hand up to her frame and as she waved it over her body a wooden table crashed out of a window and beaned the dragon in the head. The beast momentarily turned to face the table and reduced it to dust. Her wounds finished closing and she quickly got to her feet, brushing off the dirt off her body. 

She held her hands together to form a triangle and then pushed that triangle towards the heavens. A pillar of sacred light burst from the ground and scored a direct hit on the dragon. She gave a small fistpump and the dragon turned back to face it’s prey. Her face fell, knowing that she was out of her stronger spells and now had to rely on simple cantrips. Her fiery wings burst from her back and she soared towards the top of her house again. 

A small head poked out of her hair, “Hey, friend. Riddle me this!”


“A circle of purple and a fate worse than death. Our hero if they fail will breathe their final breath. But a way lies untold, to unwind the hands of fate. I’m talking of course, about that big purple gate!”

“That wasn’t really a riddle and more just telling her what to do. Aren’t we like, supposed to be more cryptic?”

“Shut up Justinsprite.”


Allison looked up towards the swirling spirograph that was hovering above her house. She looked down at the dragon that was about to launch itself at her. Allison dove towards the former. 

The dragon was quick. It came towards her like a bolt of lightning, mouth wide open. She needed to be faster. But the wings weren’t enough. 

The dragon flapped it’s wings and she could feel it’s hot breath on her back. Her hair instinctively turned light blue and she shot forward and landed on the top of her house as the dragon’s jaws closed around where she just was. She was breathless and didn’t have the energy to focus on what just happened.. Everything with this beast was a near miss. She could beat it. But not right now. The dragon turned around in air. And started soaring towards her. She looked back up at the portal as her shallow breath reminded her of her current state. 

With almost seconds to spare she jumped up in the air and her wings took her into the gate. 



MS: hey hun.

MS: take a look at this. 

MusicalSquid would like to share their screen with you.

EnergeticCorgi has accepted your request. 

EC: What am I watching?

MS: This is Allison’s house. 

EC: and who is that fighting the dragon?

MS: bear with me here, but two years ago I started dming a campaign for our sunday group and Allison played the character who is fighting that dragon.

MS: at least I’m pretty certain that’s her. 

EC: how would her characters be coming to life?

MS: Your guess is as good as mine. 

EC: i mean she does love d&d a lot. You alchemized a bunch of crowbars and I alchemized a remote control transformer. Didn’t she allocate her strife specibi to be dice?

MS: yeah, she did it a few years back. And something about rulebooks so she could carry around a bunch of ttrpg rulebooks with free space. 

EC: Hm.

MS: I see what you mean though. If this is her character, then we might be seeing something she made? Oof. hold on a second I’m going to throw a table at this dragon.

EC: Oh no!

MS:  question. 

EC: Answer.

MS: did you feel a sudden, but subtle jump in time? Like you had just lost a good amount of times and you were just suddenly in a place. 

EC: My love you know I’m very forgetful. I’ve just been on this stretch of highway. Trying to stay alive and keep all the monsters from toppling it >.> 

MS: Hm. 

EC: What’s on your mind? 

MS: a theory, but it’s a bit half baked. 

EC:  You know I’m always here to listen.

MS:  I think someone is stealing time from us? As wild as that sounds. I’ve felt precious seconds gone in a few moments, suddenly in one spot and then I jump to the next. And I just felt a big one right then. 

EC:  You know, now that you mention it, that does sound slightly familiar. I could have sworn you died before we entered. 

MS: I dont remember that? I just… suddenly felt like I needed to turn off my computer

EC: Well Allison might be a tiny little devil thing. 

MS: and?

EC: So you don’t think that there’s a possibility that you can do something out of the ordinary? 

MS: I hadn’t considered it. 

EC: do some soul searching doofus. 

EC: oh hey, uh. Something just appeared in your house. I think it’s that devil thing?

MS: it’s a tiefling. 

MS: Im gonna go check it out.

EC: nah I’ll take care of it. You go on your cool power quest. 

MS: Okay. I love you. 

EC:  And I love you too!!!


Xavier finished stabbing a fire elemental in the shape of Ronald McDonald and ended the conversation with his wife. The elemental exploded into a pile of grist. 


He had been heading down into a deep cave that seemed to be free of lava. The stone surrounding the walls of the cave gave off an eerie reddish-orange glow. 

MickeySquidkidSprite followed behind him, a little scared of the surrounding cave walls. It woomyed sadly. 

“Yeah yeah, tell me something I don’t know” 


“The door. It’s big and strange and there’s a keyhole here. And I imagine that the key is somewhere but I just… have this crowbar. That’s what they’re for right? Opening doors. So like I could search for the key or just brute Force it open?”


He sighed and took a step forward. His vision went black and almost instantly he felt another jump in time. Suddenly he was on the other side of the door with a key in his hand. 


He clutched his head, a sharp pain shooting through it as he fell back against the warm stone that was shaped into a door. 


He took a deep breath and a sharp pain went through his abdomen. He pulled his hand off his head and put it to his stomach and felt something warm. 

He opened his eyes and looked down at his hands. 



“Xavier you idiot! I told you not to touch your wounds. My cleric doesn’t have anymore healing spells.” 

Xavier looked up, “wh-” 

 A red haired woman wearing a red and white regal breastplate stood before him. She had swirling ram horns that came out of the side of her head. She approached him and touched his face and moved his hands away, “shh. No talking. Only resting.”


Xavier had a moment of clarity as the strange horned woman repatched the wounds around his chest. She started playing with a watch on her wrist and a dice appeared. She twisted it to 20, and then 8. He stared in awe as her form shifted before him, from the 5 foot tall, heavyset beauty that she was, into an almost comically small red skinned devil girl with zig zag horns on the sides of her head. 

“Now this is Madelin’s last healing light until I rest as her for an hour so stay still!” She noticed the confusion in his face, “oh sorry. Still not used to the transformations? Neither am I to be honest. The first time it happened I was just Madelin’s body and facing a dragon. It’s kind of nice though. Sometimes it’s a bit hard to be… yeah.”


Xavier winced in pain as understanding suddenly came. The devil girl was Allison. That dice watch allowed her to transform into… things? he gasped as the information swirled into his brain. 


Allison was making less and less sense and Xavier was drifting in and out of consciousness. But he needed to cling to something.

“What’s… hard?” 

“It’s… silly.” She moved black locks of hair out of her eyes and sat down next to Xavier, “it’s been two years. Two years of taking those blue pills. And I look in the mirror and most days I see myself! But I still have those massive accursed shoulders, my gross man voice, and a body that just… feels wrong.”

He nodded, “Your voice seems fine to me.” 

“ Thank you, I think.” She paused, “now that we’re in this game, like. I was planning on getting surgery this year. I had the appointment set up and everything, the support network to help with the recovery period, and the money to support myself when  I was down for the count. And now that can’t happen. Because that surgeon is dead. And now I’m just…. Stuck! I’m stuck in this stupid body that will always have that thing  on it and, I dont know how to alchemize Spironolactone. I don’t know what the chemical makeup of Estradiol is. do you?”

Xavier put a hand on Allison’s shoulder. It was almost warmer than the room they were in, “Allison…”

She shook her head, “I’m sorry for dumping this on you. It’s been a rough couple of days thus far in here and it’s only beginning.”


Allison raised an eyebrow at him quizzically, “Yeah? It’s been three days since we entered dude.” 

It hurt to breath but he needed to ask the next question, “have I been with you the entire time?” 

She chuckled, “Hey are you okay? You’re acting a little weird.” 

He lightly shook his head, “lost… time… stolen.” 

“I mean we don’t know for certain if you’re time. Charity has still been MIA the entire time and I know Gabriella has made hardly any progress on her quest because of that.” 


“Yeah, we’ve all got these things called aspects. And like a class that goes with it. You said it yourself like two days ago after our moon trips. You were ranting about it while yelling about the Black Queen’s death, Remember?


“Son’t remember anything before finding that door, he said through gritted teeth. 

“Oh! OH! OH SHIT!”


She scuttled off a few feet away and started speaking into almost the same stone that he had, only it was purple instead of pink. He wanted to move but he knew she would just yell at her again. Allison seemed to be arguing with the stone, slapping her hand against her face multiple times and looking super embarrassed. He didn’t think her face could get any redder, and he was still proven wrong. 


She walked back over and sat down next to him on the ground. 

“Alright. Don’t freak out. But I’m going to connect to your brain.”



> be past Gabriella

Hey, I wanted to do the transition

You can do the next one!



Gabriella Montague had just finished her conversation with her husband and was just about to message Allison Wyles. 


EC: Paging miss allison Wyles, the most gorgeous woman in my life.

SW: ba. 

EC: You’re  alive!!! We were worried sick about you, neither me nor Xavier could get in touch with you? Are you doing alright? Are you okay? Can I get you anything? I mean I’m far away but my house is your house. 

SW: I thought I recognized this place. Allison is tired. She just got her ass almost kicked by a dragon. 

EC: We saw!!! Xavier and I were watching. You did so well. 

SW: ty.

EC: anyways, Get yourself a nice long rest. We have a big couple of days ahead of us. 

SW: Can you see me??

EC: assuming you’re that darling little devil girl? Yes. How did you do that by the way?

SW: I’m honestly not sure. I was at the bottom of my house and then I was fighting a dragon like this and then I almost died. It feels like those moments got taken from me. 

EC: Yes… That appears to be a pattern of some kind? Seems to be happening to a lot of us. 

SW: ???

EC: Well mostly just Xavier. We actually haven’t heard from Charity so nobody knows how she’s doing right now. 

SW: Oh no! Did something happen? 

EC: Not sure. Again, we haven’t heard from her. It’s a little scary. We’re worried she’s done something drastic.

SW: Nah. Charity’s really headstrong and usually just goes with her own beat. And sometimes that beat doesn’t actually match up with yours. 

EC: on the subject of not being able to contact people. You’ve also been surprisingly hard to reach. What’s up? Are you okay?

SW: Yeah, I noticed. I thought everybody was just ignoring me, and then charity did it and I knew something was up. I think it’s all the stars in the sky.

EC: Why would the stars matter?

SW: Stars are balls of heat that are burning superhot. And judging by the fact that I can’t see stars out in this sky, I guess that they are surrounding my planet. Since they’re so hot, they’d also need to have a huge mass  but that mass would cause them to collide. But they’re just all there. Just floating, so something is keeping them up there. Still they give off radiation which seems to be interfering with my ability to communicate with people

EC: So we need to find a way to remove them? 

SW: Maybe? My sprites said that  I needed to find a way to “become one with them”  apparently that is my personal journey. 

EC: Your Sprite talks to you?

SW: Yours doesn’t? 

EC: I mean Xavier prototyped his twice and now it just woomy’s incessantly at him. And he claims that the horrific Ronald McDonald Sprite just kind of hovers over Charity’s sleeping body. 

SW: have you tried throwing something else in there? Something that should have speech?

EC: But if I do it won’t be a PusheenSprite anymore 😦


SW: Gabriella. What is next to you?

EC: uhhhh, a transformer toy and an iron Man toy. 

SW: can you do me a favor and chuck that transformer toy directly behind you as far as you can? 

EC: I’ve got weak arms though. 

SW: just do it. 

EC: okay. 


Gabriella picked up the transformer toy in one hand and chucked it directly behind her. A bright flash of light came from behind her and she quickly turned to see what it was. She frowned. 


EC: why?

SW: oh so it worked? 

EC: it did something and

EC: oh. 

SW: Yes? 


Gabriella stared at the car behind her, that was also a complete replica of that plastic Pusheen toy that she chucked into it before. Except no more did plastic grace it’s form, but powerful robotic metal. 


PusheenPrimesprite: hey. 

Gabriella: Oh.

PusheenPrimesprite: are you gonna get inside me or what?


Gabriella hastily got inside the Pusheen shaped vehicle. “Um how do you go?” 

She couldn’t see it but the PusheenPrimesprite winked outside of its body and then begun to transform. 

Wheels and doors shifted into legs and arms and the head on the hood of the Pusheen car rotates around to become the middle with Gabriella at the cockpit. 


SW: hey I’m gonna pass out on your bed. I love you. 

EC: I love you too! I’m gonna fly around in this giant robot Pusheen. 




SW: hey. 

SW: Gabriella said that nobody has been able to get in touch with you. 

SW: I’m worried. 

SW: apparently you came over to my house but I was unconscious. 

SW: Im sorry. 

SW: I’m not exactly holding up well and I can’t imagine how you must feel. 

SW: anyways, I’m going to sleep now. 

SW: remember that I love you.

RA: 💜


>Allison and Charity: Dream

Now hold on. The Knight of heart wishes to be left alone. It wouldn’t be kind to go against her wishes and reveal her COMPLEX MOTIVES that she may just be making up on the spot.


>Allison: dream


Allison flopped down on Gabriella’s bed their memory foam sinking into her warm demonic flesh. She wasn’t actually sure how to get out of this form but she also wasn’t complaining. It’s not everyday that a trans girl gets to be in a body that doesnt give her crippling dysphoria. Even if it’s a girl who’s the daughter of a pit fiend. 

She pulled a pillow close and curled up into a ball, her forked tail wrapping around her leg. 

And slowly but suddenly, Allison fell asleep. 


Her dreams had always been less than vivid. But tonight seemed different. As her eyes fell shut she felt her eyes open somewhere else. She was on a bed with twenty sided die’s and stars on the sheets. 

She swung her feet off the bed and they hardly reached the ground. Was she… shorter? 

She hopped off the bed and confirmed her suspicions. Her body seemed different here, more in line with her internal wishes and thoughts. But it was only a dream. So of course it was. She looked at a mirror hanging  on a wall, next to a computer and a TV. Her hair wasn’t red, but purple and also short and messy. But a good messy. But her face. It was that face. Not the face she saw in the mirror everyday. Something else. 

She smiled and walked towards a window. The room was almost a carbon copy of her room at home except for this window. She placed her fingertips on the yellow windowsill and looked out across the gorgeous yellow landscape. It was a bit strange. Almost like someone had searched Victorian gothic on Google images and then painted it Yellow in Photoshop. She wished she could explore it. 


And then suddenly but almost expected, she started floating. She felt shock for a second and then floated out the window. She turned around. Her room lay in a tower and there was a second one next to hers. Down below she could hear cheering and a bunch of loud whispers. She looked down to face the noise and her eyes fellow upon people who were completely white with circular heads. They all had different shapes but they seemed friendly. She waved at them and blew a kiss and noticed the soft yellow dress hugging her body that held the emblem of a moon. She turned towards the other tower and soared over. 

Another open windowsill. Another room. A woman lay sleeping on the bed. It was Gabriella. She nudged her softly but she didn’t budge. So instead she just rested her small hand on Gabriella’s head. 

“This place is…. Beautiful.” 

“So it is, princess of prospit. But I think it would be more beautiful with your dead corpse.” 

She turned around and her eyes fell on a tall man with narrow slits for eyes and a slim black suit. He wore a black hat that seemed almost too stylish for him. 

“Who are you?” 

“Your demise” and he lunged at her. A knife soared past her as she narrowly dodged out of the way. Allison realized she had no weapons on her. Fearing the worst she kicked the assailant in the back and he grunted. With a surge of strength she picked up Gabriella and slung her over her back and head-butted the would be assassin in the back. The knife clattered to the ground and she darted towards it, accidentally losing her grip on Gabriella’s dream body.

Her fingers closed around it. Her small victory was cut short as the assailant whipped out yet another knife. 

“Oh come on!” 

“A well dressed man’s gotta be prepared.” 

He darted forward with the knife and she dodged out of the way just a little too late. She felt the cool black metal cut across her face. It stung. She retaliated with a stab to the gut and her attacker winced and dropped his other knife. Allison didn’t relent and gave another cut to the gut. 

“Hey hey whoa whoa. Come on you’re supposed to be weak and dainty.” 

“Fuck you” she growled and she threw her entire weight into him and pushed him towards the window. He fought against her but it wasn’t enough. His back hit the window and Allison kept pushing. His fingers grabbed the windowsill as he held for dear life, a couple seconds from becoming a sidewalk pancake.

“Come on, don’t you prospit folks have any mercy?” 

Allison picked up the knife. 

“The princess is awake. Your mercy is gone.” And she jammed the knige into his fingers. 

The unnamed assailant lost his grip and screamed as he fell to his death. 

She wiped a bead of sweat off her face and looked up towards the clouds passing over skaia, her once pristine yellow gown now soaked in blood.


The clouds told the future. And when Allison saw the future, a glimmer of hope reverberated through her body. 



Across a field of black and white checkered squares, a black king crossed tentacles with a white king. Their forms towered over the rest of their troops. Battleships and massive rooks fought against each other running the rivers red with blood. On this battlefield, a princess in purple dragged two spikes behind them. A purple spike with a white head. And a yellow spike with a black head. On the spikes themselves lay crowns. The purple dressed girl dropped the heads in front of her. 

The two massive Kings ceased their fighting and the Battlefield grew quiet. Their forms shrunk down and their scepters shone with the light of Skaia inside them. 


The princess smirked and the two Kings dropped their scepters in front of the heir to the throne. 

She smiled, “Checkmate, Bitch.” 



Uhhhhhh hey did you write this last part?

No, you said we should leave Charity alone since she didn’t want to be bothered?

I most certainly did not say that.

It literally happened before I wrote the scene with Allison.


I mean, yeah. She didn’t write it. 


Excuse me. Who is this? This is a private line. 

I’ll give you three guesses. The first two don’t count. 

Oh. Oh no.